Some Polaroid Fun

Polaroids are fun; I’ve always thought so and when I was a kid instant was one of my first photographic experiences. They’re also serious creative instruments and with a hybrid workflow have even more possibilities. I love my manual converted Polaroid 360. It has a great Tominon 114mm f/4.5 lens, a copal shutter and Zeiss rangefinder. It’s the best Polaroid I’ve used but it has one shortcoming, it shoots pack film. Polaroid has been out of the film business for quite a while and now, sadly, Fuji has discontinued all it’s pack film as well. That’s not news to anyone in the film community of course. We do all keep hoping that someone will do a project and bring it back like we’ve seen with several other instant films types. The other instant camera I use sometimes is a SLR 680. It uses 600 type film which is readily available from the Impossible Project. The film is expensive and can be a little temperamental but it is one of the few types of instant film that’s readily available. Impossible also has instant film for the Spectra type cameras, something that I’m eager to try. The Spectra Pro cameras have very good manual controls and overrides. Here are a few shots from my 360 (1st 4 shots) using Fuji FP3000B film and the SLR 680 using Impossible 600 film. 2016-10-20-0003-edit-111 2016-10-20-0001-edit-111 2016-10-18-0003-edit-1 2016-10-20-0001-2-edit-111 2016-10-20-0002-edit-111 2016-10-20-0001-3-edit-111

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