DSC02629-111Lyfescapes: fleeting images of life captured through a camera lens

I have been involved in music, art and photography since I was very young. I grew up shooting film in several formats and across a wide range of subjects. After venturing into digital land for a while, I realized that I was spending a lot of time and money trying to make the digital images look like film. Also I found that I craved the slower, purposeful creative process of film. I started experimenting with film again and eventually came back to my analog roots. Film photography is my therapy for an over active, over connected and hectic world. My interests are diverse but I tend to shoot travel, documentary / street, and fine art, mostly in black and white. You will find me out and about with my Leica’s and my medium format cameras or maybe even an old MF folder from the 1940’s and 50’s. I’ve also just started to learn large format, so stay tuned for more on that adventure.

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As I shifted more and more of my work back to film, I started to look for ways and places online to meet other film photographers, connect, share information and generally offer mutual support. There are a lot of “communities” on social networks like Facebook, but they tend to be very narrowly focused on a specific camera brand or sometimes a general style like street or black and white. They were interesting and I have joined a few, although my participation there is a bit random. Then I stumbled across a web site and an organization that provided exactly what I was looking for, an active, vocal and talented group of film photographers, The Film Shooters Collective. I am active there as well, so if you are interested in finding more film photographers, active blogs and a bunch of great images check out the site here.

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